The Arm Attack

There’s nothing that earns more respect that a set of really thick, vascular and full arms on a guy or nice toned arms on a woman. I constantly get questions about the best workout to develop full biceps and really thick and hard triceps on guys.
Just behind that, I get questions from women who want a little more firmness but also want to burn that nasty fat that tends to gather on the bottom of the arm.. What’s the secret? How do you get arms that drop jaws? Well this little workout is designed for both males and females and will do the trick in no time flat!.. First.. Draw, and EnJect 5ml’s of EnJect Liquid Suspension into your

1. Pick 3 Exercises for Biceps and 3 Exercises for Triceps

– For Biceps we will pick Standing Bicep Curls, Seated Dumbbell Curls and Standing Cable Curls.
– For Triceps we will pick Standing Tricep Press w/ Rope, Overhead Rope Extensions and Seated Dip Machine Press with Tricep Focus

2. You will start with your first exercise for Biceps and do 10-12 reps with moderate weight. Then rest for 45 seconds and do another set. You will do three sets in this fashion. Take 2 seconds to contract the muscle and 4 seconds to extend/lengthen the muscle.

3. After finishing one exercise for Biceps go to the first tricep exercise you have chosen and do three sets in the same exact fashion.

4. Once you finish the 3 sets for triceps go to your 2nd Bicep movement and do your three sets there. Once finished move back to your 3rd Bicep movement for three sets and then on to your 3rd Tricep movement for 3 sets.
This is a “Blood Volume Workout” which will increase the amount of blood in the entire arm through the duration of the workout. By doing arms in this manner you will increase the amount of nutrients and the amount of amino acids delivered to the muscle.
In females this will create firmness and a better look. In men it will cause growth. Don’t forget it’s always best to sip on BCAA LINXs During your workout for best results. Find online at or at